Whether you are new to a carnivore diet or struggling to stay on track, this platform is designed to give you the tools you need to succeed in meeting your health goals.


The self-paced course is packed with all the information you need to transition to a carnivore way of eating for the long haul.


To offer encouragement along the way, the community is filled with members like you, people that are discovering themselves on a journey of personal growth.


Optional one-on-one coaching will support your unique goals and answer any questions or concerns you have along the way.

Hi, I’m Lady Carnivory!

Can I tell you a secret? The first time I tried to eat a carnivore diet, I couldn’t stick to it. I dove in without a clear understanding of what I needed to succeed. I placed too many restrictions on myself. I didn’t have a community or anyone I could share my struggles with or bounce ideas off of.

I made carnivore complicated, stressful, and lonely for myself. No wonder I didn’t stick to it.

The second time I tried a carnivore diet, I changed my approach. I became informed, I gave myself the time and space I needed to transition, and I found an online community to support me through my journey.

Now, I am over two years into my carnivore lifestyle. I have eliminated many of the health concerns I had pre-carnivore. I have created a new family filled with people who are motivated to be the best versions of themselves. And I built this course to share everything I learned along the way with you!